What is TalentLayer ID?
Your TalentLayer ID is the core of your identity when interacting with TalentLayer-integrated marketplaces and freelancing tools. Your TalentLayer ID is associated with reviews that people you have worked with leave for you, and represents your overall, work-based reputation in the ecosystem.

What is a TalentLayer ID?

Your TalentLayer ID is a soul-bound ERC-721 NFT. Soul-bound NFTs can not be moved from your original wallet unless you qualify for emergency recovery.
In this section, we’ll explore key concepts to understand your TalentLayer ID, from how your ID is created to how to handle emergency account recovery.

Role-Agnostic IDs

Unlike other freelancing platforms, you do not need a seperate account to hire freelancers and be hired by others.
TalentLayer IDs are designed in a way that allows every identity to both hire and be hired. Either party can initiate the creation of a job on TalentLayer Indie, and invite the counter-party to participate.

TalentLayer ID Handles

Your TalentLayer ID Handle is a unique string of characters and numbers that you can choose when you create your TalentLayer ID. This handle is how others can search for your reputation.
You can have a maximum of 10 characters in your TalentLayer ID.
An example of the NFT image of TalentLayer ID with the handle "@Rickroll"
Choose wisely: Make sure you choose your handle carefully - after your ID has been initiated, your handle can not be changed.
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