Get a Platform ID

Here, we will explore the steps to follow to obtain a Platform ID on both the testnet (Mumbai) and mainnet (Polygon).

Learn about Platform IDs


Create a Platform ID on Mumbai Testnet

Platform IDs on Polygon Mumbai are self-service - anyone can create a Platform ID today by following the guide below.

Step 1: Please follow the mumbai polygon scan link

Step 2: Please follow this tutorial to mint your TalentLayer Platform ID on Mumbai

Create a Platform ID on Polygon Mainnet

In order to mint a Platform ID on the Polygon mainnet, you must be whitelisted by the TalentLayer team. Please visit the "Contact The Team" page to request a mainnet Platform ID.

Mainnet Platform IDs will only be approved for working testnet platforms. Please do not request a mainnet Platform ID unless you have a production-ready app on testnet.

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