In this section we provide all metadata elements that are used as a part of TalentLayer today. Included below are comments explaining each piece of metadata and giving information on requirements of the various data pieces.

Think We're Missing Something? We're taking active feedback on our metadata and would love to hear what you think about our data structures. Have an opinion? Reach out to our team via the "Get Help" page of these docs.

What Metadata Is Required For My Platform To Use?

All on-chain metadata (except for metadata relating to third-party on-chain integrations) is required operationally for TalentLayer. These required metadata elements are necessary for your platform to function using TalentLayer.

Off-chain metadata is a mixture of required, optional, and recommended. Please refer to each data element for the specifics.

Metadata improves search-ability and user experience, but will still allow your workflows to function if left out.

TalentLayer ID


Platform ID


Service & Proposal



pageEscrow & Dispute Contracts


pageEscrow & Dispute Contracts



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