StarterKit Setup

"StarterKit" is an open-source fork-able mobile-first marketplace codebase that is a great starting point for teams building on TalentLayer. StarterKit was adapted from the Indie starter codebase, with additional improvments to make it mobile-first.
It's a good first step to set up a local version of StarterKit to...
  1. 1.
    Get to know how frontends interface with TalentLayer
  2. 2.
    Optionally, use Indie as a foundation for your next DAPP.

Explore the DAPP

We've hosted a version of StarterKit on Mumbai testnet for you to play around with! Have fun.

View on Github

Local Setup Instructions

1. Clone Repository from GitHub

git clone

2. Move to directory

cd starter-kit

3. Setup .env File

Setup your local environnement by copying the .env.example and adjust the variables.
Main variable to update:
Advanced configuration:
  • coming soon

4. Install dependencies

npm i

5. Run the dapp!

npm run dev