TalentLayer Improvement Proposals

Inspired by the EIP for Ethereum, TLIP stands for TalentLayer Improvement Proposal. A TLIP is a document describing a new feature, an architecture decision, a code improvement, or a security fix for the TalentLayer protocol. For TalentLayer implementers, TLIPs are a convenient way to track the progress of their implementation.

We intend TLIPs to be the primary mechanism for the core team and open-source contributors to propose new features, collect community input on a subject, and document the design decisions that have gone into the Talent Layer protocol.

Eventually, we will host this TLIP Index and the surrounding discussions in a proper governance forum, but for now, we will host each TLIP as a public Notion document where anyone can comment.

CALL FOR INPUT: Do you have input on how we can improve TalentLayer? Please get in touch to post a new TLIP on the forum or, for feedback on existing TLIPs, post as comments directly in Notion!

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