Meta Transaction

Here will provides consultation and recommends several vetted relayer solutions, including OpenGSN, Biconomy, and OZ Defender

Support for Gasless Meta-transaction

Our contracts are EIP-2771 compatible so they can support meta-transactions. Our implementation follows the standard provided by @opengsn/contracts.


In order to enable gassless transactions, platforms building on TalentLayer must choose a relayer and integrate it into their frontend. Platforms are also responsible for managing whitelisting, since we advise only covering gas costs for a subset of trusted users.

Need help choosing a relayer? We're happy to chat about it! Reach out to us on the "contact" page of the documentation.

Any relayer solutions which are EIP-2771 compatible work with TalentLayer's contracts.

Our team has vetted a few relayer solutions that we recommend supporting:

  • OpenGSN (V2 or V3)

    • decentralized, network of relayers, not many but anyone can run their own

    • need to develop Paymaster contract (probably one for each platform which will have a whitelist of users that can be sponsored)

    • expensive, multiple extra things done on chain

  • Biconomy

    • semi-centralized, network of relayers, many are Biconomy’s but other people can join?

    • no need to develop any new contracts

  • OZ Defender

    • centralized, single relayer, they have the private key

    • no need to develop any new contracts

    • need to spin up server or use AutoTask

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