The TalentLayer TLDR

TalentLayer helps marketplace applications like freelance marketplaces and ride-share apps access additional supply or demand when they need it by tapping into a wider network of users.

TalentLayer can also be to build new marketplaces on top of - replacing key backend components, helping you go to market faster. TalentLayer's Web 3 API and SDK is live and available for integration. The Web 3 API and SDK assumes a web 3 native user experience on the platform level. Account delegation and gassless are enabled today so that platform developers can implement account abstraction optionally.

Web 3 SDK & API

In the coming months we'll be releasing TalentLayer's Abstracted API and SDK which will enable platforms to easily integrate TalentLayer without users interacting with web 3 at all: wallet-less onboarding, delegation (no signing transactions, or approving payments), fiat payments, and more.

Key Concepts in TalentLayer

Learn about how TalentLayer helps your platform and explore options for how to integrate today.

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Get Started Today

TalentLayer's Web 3 API and SDK is live and available for integration.

Explore the SDK

Add TalentLayer to an existing marketplace or build one from scratch with the TalentLayer Web 3 SDK and API.

Web 3 SDK & API

Use a Starter Codebase

Are you building a marketplace app or adding work features to an app in a different vertical? Reduce your workload by up to 90% by using StarterKit - an open-source codebase for a fully-functioning web 3 native freelance marketplace.

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