START BUILDING TODAY: TalentLayer is live today! Launch a marketplace DAPP in minutes with our fork-able frontend, or integrate your own in days.
TalentLayer is a protocol and developer toolkit for building interoperable hiring and services platforms;
TalentLayer provides core tooling for building service platforms including:
  • On-chain jobs and proposals
  • Soul-bound identity and reviews
  • Configurable escrow capable of supporting milestone, lump sum, hourly pay and more
  • Decentralized and platform-managed dispute resolution options
  • Configurable fees system enabling fees on escrow transactions, job posts, proposal submissions, dispute resolution

An Introduction to TalentLayer

Is TalentLayer A Good Fit For Your Platform?

Are you looking to build platform like ride sharing apps, freelance marketplaces, bounty platforms, hackathon platforms, gig marketplaces, or something similar? TalentLayer is optimized for a broad range of service marketplaces; platforms where people connect with each other to exchange services or "work" for money.
TalentLayer’s modular tools can be applied to build diverse service marketplaces including…
  • gig marketplaces
  • ride sharing apps
  • house sharing apps
  • photography marketplaces
  • telemedicine apps
  • Rappi-style multi marketplace apps

Why TalentLayer?

Why are developers and entrepreneurs building marketplaces using TalentLayer? Because open platforms benefit everyone; hirers, workers, and platforms. Discover why teams are building the next generation of labor markets on TalentLayer.

Technical Guides

Want to start building with TalentLayer's tools? Check out our technical guides or get in touch with us.

Integration Workshop

Want to see some visuals? Watch our latest technical workshop from Filecoin Hacker Hub in Lisbon and follow async with a clickable walkthrough.

Looking for the 🌱 Lens Protocol Integration?

TalentLayer has partnered with Lens, the decentralized social graph, to connect our protocols; enabling platforms building on Lens to offer work-related offerings like job posts, proposals, escrow payments and more, and platforms building on TalentLayer to let users display their social history alongside their work reputations.
Learn more here:

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