TalentLayer Documentation


TalentLayer is infrastructure for open labor markets; backend tools for building interoperable marketplaces that leverage one unified liquidity pool for users and gigs.
TalentLayer’s tech stack can be applied to build any diverse marketplaces including…
  • gig marketplaces
  • ride sharing apps
  • house sharing apps
  • photography marketplaces
  • telemedicine apps
  • Rappi-style multi marketplace apps
Why are developers and entrepreneurs building marketplaces using TalentLayer? Because open platforms benefit everyone; hirers, workers, and platforms. Discover why teams are building the next generation of labor markets on TalentLayer by going through the basics and by visiting our website.
Want to get started building with TalentLayer's tools? Check out the integration guides and reach out to us if you need support!
Developers, check out the Technical Guides and reach out to us if you need help!
Want to contribute or become a part of the TalentLayer's open-source collective? Check our the Contribution page and reach out to us!
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