🧠Inspiration for Builders

We're always brainstorming ideas for cool things that can be built with TalentLayer's dev tools. Here's some ideas submitted by our community. This is a public doc - all ideas are free for the taking. Have an idea you want to share? Tell us about it here. 😄

Project Ideas

📝 Project management & payments tool

  • Imagine a tool for a Company / DAO

  • Users create their different tasks in a similar way that Trello

  • Each ticket is a service on TalentLayer - when completed, escrow is released to the person completing it

  • Users control all their tasks from this frontend and enjoy user liquidity from other platforms to find a good profile for the tasks they are posting

  • It can maybe be built as a Trello or Github plugin

💬 Messaging app with in-line job creation and management

  • Create an app to create a conversation with someone you want to work with and handle the whole workflow directly and simply from the conversation using TalentLayer as a backend.

  • Create a new job, validate the proposal and send money directly with the freelance using chat command inside the conversation

  • It can maybe in the future directly be build as a discord or telegram plugin if they integrate wallet connection

🤝 Influencer marketing marketplace

  • Create a platform where businesss can connect with social media influencers for paid sponsorship gigs

  • Possibly focus on the Lens ecosystem!

🛍️ Shopify for Gig Platforms

  • Simple to have a marketplace on TL in few minutes

  • use safe SDK to create wallet if needed

  • or Create your wallet with social login

  • Create your TLplatformId

  • Configure your domain

  • Configure the marketplace configurations

    • Euro onramp with monerium as an option

  • Choose your template (2 sided marketplaces, 1 sided talent, 1 sided company)

  • Start focusing on your real business

👋 Freelance Work Auction Platform

As a worker:

  • go on the dapp

  • filled your skills and level

  • filled your calendar available (start and end hour, days available)

  • Filled auction type (dutch, english)

  • Set your minimum hour rate (can be different the weekend, the night)

  • Set your minimum service hour (for example don’t accept job less than 2 days)

  • See in live your calendar organised with money planned for the week / month

  • When a mission is starting chat with your employer ect

  • Note: you can choose between auto-confirm or manual confirmation

As an employer:

  • go on the dapp

  • Find worker with the skills you want available when you want, now, this weekend, during the night

  • Check the profile and reputation (see medium price, price evolution..)

  • Detailed your job

  • booked the worker

Names ideas: AuctionWork, noWWorking. AutoPlan. Freererlance, BetterWork, WorkBetter

What Types of Things Can You Build on TalentLayer?

TalentLayer’s low-level infra creates a new base layer that many new sorts of platforms, services, and other infrastructures can build on top of. There’s so much that’s possible; check out some of the key demographics of products that you can launch to power the future of work.

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