Integration Workshop

In November, 2022 we hosted an integration workshop at FileCoin Hacker Base during FIL Lisbon by Protocol Labs.
Here you can watch the recording and follow along by clicking the links included below as you progress through the different stages of the workshop.

Watch The Workshop

Follow Along As You Watch

1. Contract Architecture and Data Models

View the Technical Schemas in Miro as you listen.

2. Integrating a Marketplace Frontend with TalentLayer

In the workshop we walk through:
  • the architecture of the "Indie" frontend (fork-able demo codebase)
  • how it interacts with TalentLayer's smart contracts
  • how it displays information from the TalentLayer Graph

Set up The Demo Frontend Locally

View on Github

Reading (Graph) and Writing (Smart Contracts) to TalentLayer

Alert: The "Indie" Frontend has received some updates since the workshop! The UX is slightly different and we've added more functionality.

Have Some Questions?

Ask our Technical Lead Romain! Our team is available to assist with your integration. Get in touch here: