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Smart Contracts Local Setup

ALERT: In most cases, you don't need to set up local contracts - everything is ready to use on Testnet! If you have advanced needs, we recommend contacting our team.


​Hardhat. Installation instructions found here​


1. Clone Repository From GitHub

git clone https://github.com/TalentLayer/talentlayer-id-contracts.git

2. Navigate to Folder

cd talentlayer-id-contracts

3. Install Dependencies

npm install

4. Create Environment Files

touch .env
Setup .env according to this example.

5. Create A Local Hardhat Chain

npx hardhat node

6. Deploy Contracts to Local Chain

Please see ./talentlayer-id-contracts/Makefile for more details.
Open up a new instance of the terminal (Mac/Linux) or command line (Windows).
make install

7. Run Tests

npx hardhat test