Native Integration

TalentLayer as a Backend

Platforms that choose Native Integration opt to use TalentLayer as a backend for their platform, where all supply and demand is listed at the network level for cross-platform deals.

Native Integration is good for teams who may:

  • want to have 100% of their current supply and demand listed on the network for cross-platform transactions

  • don't have an existing user account system, payments system, or dispute resolution

  • are adding marketplace features into an app in a different vertical

  • don't want to custody user data for GDPR reasons

  • want to avoid building a backend from scratch, to go to market faster

All of your users and service requests will be listed on the network as available supply and demand; any other platform on the network can propose cross-platform transactions with your users.

With Native Integrations, each user on your platform has an reputation and profile at the network level that can be viewed by and used on other platforms.

Native Integration is available today, with extensive documentation, code examples, and more.

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