Getting Started Guide

Intro to TalentLayer

We recommend watching this introduction to TalentLayer's protocol vision and technical components as a first step to getting started.

Understanding TalentLayer Core's Components

TalentLayer Core is composed of the following key modules:
  • TalentLayerID: Worker and hirer identity
  • TalentLayerPlatformID: Marketplace configuration (fees, dispute, access)
  • TalentLayerReview: Mutual review
  • TalentLayerService: Universal Services & Proposal System
  • TalentLayerEscrow: Escrow & Dispute System
TalentLayer creates a paradigm shift in how freelance marketplaces operate by creating a pool of jobs and user reputations that any marketplace can tap into. Users maintain one self-owned reputation across many marketplaces. Marketplaces that build on TalentLayer can configure fees on transactions, job posts, user account creation and more - fully configurable to meet your business needs.

How To Get Started Integrating TalentLayer Core into Your Platform

Create A New DAPP in 5 Minutes

Want to get started fast? Meet StarterKit - an open-source fork-able codebase that is available for marketplaces and other platforms integrating with TalentLayer to borrow from and use to get inspired. Indie lays the groundwork for what will eventually become the TalentLayer SDK.

Get Your Platform ID

To interact with TalentLayer's interoperable jobs system as a platform, you will need a Platform ID. Learn more:

We're Here to Help

Since TalentLayer Core is currently in Alpha, we recommend reaching out to the team on Twitter @TalentLayer before integrating directly with TalentLayer’s interoperable reputation and jobs systems. We are happy to help you:
  1. 1.
    Understand how to implement TalentLayer on your platform: Every platform is a little different, and we want to know how we can best make our tech stack as composable as possible. By helping you, we learn too!
  2. 2.
    Deploy TalentLayer on your platform’s native EVM chain: TalentLayer aims to be a cross-chain platform, and are in the process of spinning up implementations of our Alpha release on multiple EVM chains.

Reading From and Writing to TalentLayer Core

How does your application communicate with TalentLayer? Learn more here.

Writing to TalentLayer

Reading from TalentLayer

Explore The Docs!

We’re working hard to document our tech stack. You can view our docs on our website below.Please stay tuned for updates and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.
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