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TalentLayer Subgraph

The TalentLayer Subgraph is hosted on The Graph's decentralized managed hosting service. In late 2022 we will be migrating to our own hosting on FileCoin.

Exploring the Schema

The TalentLayer Graph Schema can be explored via the following URLs.
TalentLayer's Graph can query and sort many diverse datapoints on jobs, reputations, identities, and how they associate with one another.

Querying the Schema

Use the following endpoint to query the schema.

Schema Components

enum JobStatus {
enum ProposalStatus {
type Job @entity {
id: ID! # job token id
status: JobStatus! # job status
employer: User # job employer
employee: User # job employee
sender: User # user that created the job (employer or employee)
recipient: User # other participating user (employee or employer)
uri: String # metadata URI of job
type Review @entity {
id: ID! # review token id
job: Job! # job this review is for
to: User! # reviewed user
uri: String! # metadata URI of review
type User @entity {
id: ID! # user token id
address: String! # wallet address of user
uri: String! # metadata URI of profile
handle: String! # handle of user
withPoh: Boolean! # whether user has proof of identity
numReviews: BigInt! # number of reviews user has received
rating: BigDecimal! # average rating from reviews user has received
reviews: [Review!] @derivedFrom(field: "to") # reviews of user
employerJobs: [Job!] @derivedFrom(field: "employer") # jobs user is an employer for
employeeJobs: [Job!] @derivedFrom(field: "employee") # jobs user is an employee for
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