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🌱 Lens Integration

TalentLayer has partnered with Lens, the decentralized social graph, to connect our protocols; enabling platforms building on Lens to offer work-related offerings like job posts, proposals, escrow payments and more, and platforms building on TalentLayer to let users display their social history alongside their work reputations.

Why TalentLayer and 🌱 Lens?

We have the same open-source and interoperable vision for work that Lens has for social media! We want to see a world where all users own their data and work platforms benefit from user sharing.
So, it’s only natural to team up 🤝.
TalentLayer empowers builders in the Lens community to add freelance and work marketplace functionality to their social apps! PLUS: Work marketplace builders can add social feeds to their apps!
All that’s left is to build the link between us ❤️connecting TalentLayer work IDs with Lens handles and building some SDK tools to help platforms integrate united profiles!
There is a clear benefit to hirers on work platforms to see verified social feeds, and there’s value in being able to showcase your fave work history updates on your professional social feeds.
Read the full public announcement here:


Unite 🌱 Lens Handles & TalentLayer IDs 🤝

Timeline: Early January
On-chain association of IDs
Graph setup for searching identities

Build Fork-Able Plugin for Displaying Unified Profiles 👨🏽

Timeline: Late January
User profile frontend with social feed and work feed in demo DAPP
Docs for how to integrate feeds into marketplaces & social platforms

Get Lens Profiles Displayed on 1st Work Marketplace! 🌱

Timeline: Late February
Get a full Lens social feed displayed for real users in a job marketplace!

Are you building on 🌱 Lens?

Are you building a social media platform on Lens Protocol? We want to help YOU integrate work tools into your platform.
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