TalentLayer Documentation


TalentLayer ID’s build their reputation over time through receiving Reviews from counter-parties; people you’ve worked with either as a hirer or a person being hired.
A Review is an ERC 721 soulbound NFT that is associated with a TalentLayer ID. New Reputation NFTs are minted whenever a service is completed on TalentLayer. They include information about the service completed and a review from the other party. A TalentLayer ID can have an unlimited number of Reputation NFTs. Hirers leave Reputation NFTs for freelancers and freelancers leave Reputation NFTs for hirers - a mutual-review system.

Reviews During Account Recovery

All review NFTs will follow the TalentLayer ID to the new wallet if an emergency account recovery is initiated.
Good to know: Right now, there is no way to remove a review after it has been written. TalentLayer is working on a method for reviews that both parties agree should be removed to be deleted.