Basic understanding of the user identity on TalentLayer.

What is a TalentLayerID?

TalentLayer ID is a work identity that allows ownership and growth of reputation across many gig marketplaces. TalentLayer IDs are ERC-721 NFTs that live inside crypto wallets; this means that reputation is self-custodied by the wallet owner and lives separately from integrated platforms. TalentLayer IDs are “soul-bound” in that they can not leave the originating wallet unless a recovery is initiated.
TalentLayerID is the core identity element for service buyers and sellers when interacting with TalentLayer-integrated marketplaces and freelancing tools. The TalentLayer ID is associated with reviews and represents the overall reputation in the ecosystem.
More information on how it is implemented can be found in out guide on the TalentLayerID smart contract.

Role-Agnostic IDs

Unlike other freelancing platforms, separate accounts are not needed to hire freelancers and be hired by others.

TalentLayer ID Handles

Your TalentLayer ID Handle is a unique string of characters and numbers that you can choose when you create your TalentLayer ID. This handle is how others can search for your reputation.
You can have a maximum of 31 characters in your TalentLayer ID and use only low characters, numbers and - or _.
Choose wisely: Make sure you choose your handle carefully - after your ID has been initiated, your handle can not be changed.

How to Get a TalentLayer ID

TalentLayer ID handles are claimable today by visiting our claim page:
TalentLayer IDs can also be claimed on any integrated marketplace platform.

How much do TalentLayer IDs cost

Standard TalentLayer IDs are between 5 and 31 characters long - they are available for minting for a symbolic 1 MATIC by anyone. Specialty TalentLayer IDs are between 1 and 4 characters long - these are available for purchase at the price rates below. Proceeds from TalentLayer ID sales go to fund TalentLayer’s open-source development.

Can I trade TalentLayer IDs?

TalentLayer ID’s are Activity Bound NFTs - they are transferable until they are used to make any activity on TalentLayer. Activities include creating a job post, submitting a proposal, and other actions. Once a TalentLayer ID becomes active, they become soul-bound and can not be transferred.

Learn More About The Tech

Learn more about the technical side of the TalentLayer ID in our Technical Guide on the smart contract.
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