TalentLayer Core

TalentLayer Core is composable, decentralized, open-source infrastructure for talent markets; allowing anyone to easily build interoperable gig marketplaces. It is designed to empower workers to own their own reputation and to access and provide services without limitation.
TalentLayer Core is composed of the following key modules:
  • TalentLayerPlatformID: Marketplace configuration (fees, dispute, access)
  • TalentLayerID: Worker and hirer identity
  • TalentLayerReview: Mutual review
  • TalentLayerService: Universal Services & Proposal System
  • TalentLayerEscrow: Escrow & Dispute System
TalentLayer creates a paradigm shift in how freelance marketplaces operate by creating a universal reputation system and services repository that any marketplace can tap into. Users maintain one self-owned reputation across many marketplaces.